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About blog:
  • Mutual Funds in India is a blog about mutual funds and how people can grow their money with Mutual Funds or the pros and cons of mutual funds.

If i talk about earning Stats from my blog then I am earning through Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing from this blog. Email Marketing is the another source of Earning i have associated with this blog. Do you know i have more than 15+ earning sources from where I am earning a decent income online.

About me:

My name is Rohan Chaudhary a professional Digital Marketer, Blogger, Youtuber, & Entrepreneur. After completion of High School studies in Delhi. I got admission in a college and I started making videos on YouTube.

One question I always asks myself every day when I go to office – “How people of corporate can do same work on the daily basis without learning?” How they can do like that. I was very ambitious about my work, I always wanted to develop a company which helps people somehow in their daily day-to-day life in solving their problems.

I hated doing job under a boss. I want to be my own boss, so I started following my passion and build an empire of entrepreneurship. I started my journey as a business owner, I started one company named ‘MD RECORD' at the age of 18 it was an online music publishing portal, due to lack of knowledge about websites, funding, business development it failed and I end up with loss. It was not huge loss as that was my first project and investment was very less that is  of $150 that’s all.

After that I started my YouTube channel in 2018 name ‘StartFromEnd’ it was a life-changing decision for me. The main focus of this channel is to help people through Technology, Business Development, Internet Marketing and Online Earning.

What are Rohan Chaudhary's Areas Of Interest?

I love Blogging, Making videos(Youtubing), Building brands, Traveling & Paneer is my Favorite. I can do anything for Paneer.

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